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A Totem is a symbol of our strenghts, interests, and personal style. It is also a way of connecting to our environment by identifying our highest ideals, hopes, and personal characteristics with a creature or element from the natural world . We draw strength and inspiration from the connection between ourselves and our totemic spirirt.

Totemic Carving is one of the oldest formsof artisitc expression. Every culture on the earth since the dawn of human history has carved animals and icons into wood and stone for strength, protection, and comfort. It has also been used to identify people, families, clans, tribes, and even countries.
A Custom Totem will add a uniquely personal touch to you environment. Drawing on old deep traditions, your Totem will be a symbol of Ideals, Beliefs and Feelings that are important to you and your family. Each Totem is individually created for in a specific place in your world.......

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